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- We are the leaders in the latest tombstone technology in Africa ,we do not make ordinary tombstones, we create works of art with attention to detail.

- We are the fastest growing franchise in the Southern part of Africa and manufacture our own machinery.

- We are proud to create memorials that honour the  family members passed, because how can you forget someone that gave you so much to remember.




Our team of architecturally trained designers will bring your idea to life by creating your own unique tombstone using our state of the art computer aided drawing software which will enable you to view your design in 3D and 360 degree video motion, while you enjoy a glass of complimentary champagne.

Guaranteed  Quality

All our stones are 100% granite and are mined from our platinum belt in and  around  Marikana - North West which in turn supports our local communities and contribute to job creation .

- What you see is what you get and chances are that your stone will be the first of it’s kind on african soil, with over 270 options created .

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Honour your loved ones,

with the top choice in memorials HEAD WITH CURBING AND CHIPS